New York COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Puts 80K Healthcare Jobs at Risk

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As New York hospitals began firing healthcare workers, including out-of-state and contract medical personnel for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine following a statewide mandate, Gov. Kathy Hochul seems to be working on a plan to move forward without them.

New York hospitals has started terminating or suspending healthcare employees for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine despite a state order, per Reuters

“People have known for quite some time that this was the requirement and I’ve made it loud and clear over my four weeks in office that I was not going to change my position because I’m charged with protecting the health of all New Yorkers,” New York Governor Kathy Hochul said, as reported by The Washington Post

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All health care workers in New York, including those working in nursing homes, were expected to be vaccinated against COVID-19 with at least their first dose by Monday, September 27, per regulation issued by the State Department of Health. Staff at other covered entities, such as home care, hospice, and adult care facilities, must be vaccinated by October 7. 

As of September 22, 84% of all New York State hospital personnel had been completely vaccinated and as of September 23, 81% of adult care facility workers and 77% of nursing home staff have also received at least one dose of the vaccine.  

This leaves 16% of hospital employees in the state unvaccinated, putting over 83,000 individuals at risk of losing their jobs, per CBS News. Hochul said she was considering rectifying the situation by enlisting the help of the National Guard and out-of-state medical personnel. 

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Healthcare workers who are fired for refusing to be vaccinated will not be eligible for unemployment benefits unless they can present a proper doctor-approved request for medical accommodation.

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