NJ Man Whose Racist Rant Went Viral Facing 22 Charges

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The NJ man whose racist rant went viral and sparked community outrage is now facing 22 charges. 

Edward Cagney Mathews, who was arrested after a racist rant in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, is now facing dozens of charges.  

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The incident took place in July 2021. Video of the encounter shows Mathews yelling racial slurs at a Black man and telling people to approach him if they had a problem with what he said. Many in the community reported they had issues with him in the past.  

In response to the video, many members of the Black community went to Mathew’s residence to protest his behavior. Now, the 45-year-old is facing 22 charges, according to 6 ABC.  

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The new charges come from an incident that occurred one year prior where Mathews allegedly left a threatening note and vandalized a person’s car. The victim, identified by the name Gibbons, said Mathews wrote the note after running one of her friends out of the neighborhood. 

The Mount Laurel Police Department has also come under fire for allegedly showing favoritism to Mathews. Complaints about him date back to 2016, and many felt police did nothing.  

An independent review was conducted and found the police did no wrongdoing in their approach. After he was arrested, Mathews said, “I cannot apologize enough. I was drunk. I was out of line, I let my anger get the best of me.”  

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If you or someone you know is struggling from trauma triggered by this story, resources are available here.  

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