Gary Wordlaw

Gary C. Wordlaw serves as BNC’s vice president of news and programming. In this role, Gary is responsible for developing and producing original news programming that will be able to make a deep, rich connection to the network’s target audience of African Americans.

Gary hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and he began his career in broadcast news more than 50 years ago. At the age of 16, Gary became one of the first African American television employees hired in the state of Tennessee. After attending college, Gary continued his career in broadcast news by working as a reporter, writer, photographer, and every other job in a broadcast news operation, including president and general manager. As a veteran station executive, Gary has worked for many of the nation’s largest local television markets like Washington, DC and Baltimore. Gary has also held numerous journalism teaching positions at prestigious universities, as well as appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. Gary is an eight-time Emmy-award winner for broadcast news and a recipient of numerous other awards resulting from his work in the broadcast news industry.