President Biden Upset Over Civil Rights Bills Being Held Up

By: Tadi Abedje

The legislative pieces that would address the issues of systemic racism and inequalities are the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the For The People Act. The Floyd Act addresses policing issues and reforming police departments all around the country. The Lewis and For The People Acts would combat voter suppression and preserve voting rights. 

Jen Psaki, Biden’s White House Press Secretary, spoke at her daily press briefing regarding the bills. She added that Biden supports making The Civil Rights Bill of 1866, which is the oldest federal civil rights law, stronger. 

“One of the President’s key priorities is racial equity and updating and addressing what he feels are systemic issues in how we govern and in society. He will remain engaged closely with Civil Rights leaders as well with leaders in Congress,” said Psaki. “His role as the President is to continue to use his voice, the bully pulpit and his platform for moving these things forward.” 

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One of the congressmen leading the effort in the House is Mondaire Jones of New York. He introduced legislation to make sure that corporations don’t control elections Black people and people of color aren’t prejudiced against. 

“It why we need to act now. We can end the pernicious power of big money in politics, make voting easier for everyone, and create a system of public financing so that working-class people can get elected to the United States Congress,” Jones said in a video to The Hill. 

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