PRESS ROOM: U.S. Bank’s Community Partnership Campaign

By BlackPressUSA

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – U.S. Bank recently rolled out a new campaign focused on reaching multicultural audiences, specifically Black, Hispanic and Asian Pacific Islander consumers, with the tagline, “Turning talk into action.” The campaign includes digital and print advertisements, social media and contributions in five markets: Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of critical financial resources. The campaign directs people to a corresponding campaign website with more financial resources.

“Multicultural communities are being hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic both financially and culturally,” said Beth McDonnell, U.S. Bank Chief Marketing Officer. “Our responsibility is to actively assist multicultural consumers and communities as they recover and rebuild their financial lives for the near and long term. This campaign is just one way we are focused on reaching these communities.”

For struggling small businesses, people laid off or furloughed, or anyone struggling to make ends meet, the website directs them to vital Covid-19 relief programs, helpful financial articles, tips and a free financial wellness webinar series. Available in both English and Spanish, it also encourages users to seek one-on-one support from a banker by phone or in person.

Additionally, U.S. Bank is offering a series of free financial wellness seminars for consumers both in English and Spanish. U.S. Bank is also sponsoring events like the BET Hip Hop Awards. The ads are appearing on multiple news sites including a partnership with Univision.

In addition to the campaign consumer and business resources, U.S. Bank highlights its continued commitment to communities through rapid and meaningful response through multiple donations to local nonprofits that are offering consumer financial education, supportive housing resources and small business technical assistance. The campaign included additional financial support to accompany general operating support grants that have allowed nonprofit partners in underserved communities to add services and keep their doors open for critical community needs. Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County, Mercy Housing Lakefront in Chicago and Asian Pacific Fund in San Francisco were beneficiaries of the additional support.

Investment in Black-owned businesses

Strengthening Black-owned businesses and fighting racism has never been more important. While the campaign is working to reach multicultural consumers and communities, U.S. Bank is making financial commitments to create lasting change. As racial tensions increase across the nation, U.S. Bank aims to make a difference committing to $116 million in initiatives and investments addressing social and economic inequities.

Committed to equality

Though the pandemic has required us to remain six feet apart, U.S. Bank has come together with the communities it serves. U.S. Bank is commitment to creating a world of diversity, equity and inclusion is stronger than ever.

For more information on how U.S. Bank is creating more opportunities for diverse communities to reach their financial goals, visit

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