Protestors demanding for bar to be shut down after woman was dragged by hair

Keisha Young was assaulted by security for bringing a liquor bottle into the bar.


Nellies Sports Bar Photo via Nellies Sports Bar website
By Briasia Russ 


Nellie’s Sports Bar is receiving back lash after their security mistook 22-year-old Keisha Young for someone who allegedly brought a liquor bottle into the bar.  

Outside the popular LGBTQ+ bar, protestors are demanding for the establishment to be permanently shut down. 

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Bringing liquor bottles into the bar goes against the bar’s policy, which led security to remove people out of the bar.   

“It was an altercation in there,” Young said, according to theGrio. “They were trying to get some other people out because somebody else brought a bottle in there. Somehow I got mixed up in an altercation because I look like somebody else and I got hit and dragged down the steps.” 

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Black Lives Matter DC took the footage of the altercation between security and Young to Instagram. In result, protestors began rallying outside the bar and the owner’s home.  

According the theGrio, Young didn’t expect to receive the support that she has following the incident. “I didn’t expect it to turn into something like this, to be honest, but I’m feeling very warm that a lot of people are out here helping support me,” Young said.  

In response, the bar has taken action. They have terminated the security vendor and have closed their bar to further investigate the matter.