Rapper Ja Rule Joins Cryptocurrency Craze and Launches NFT Platform

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Ja Rule is one of a rising number of rappers who got involved in the recent cryptocurrency market, launching his own crypto and developing a NFT marketplace for artists and celebrities such as himself.

Ja Rule is the latest rapper to join the cryptocurrency mania. 

The “Always On Time” rapper has collaborated with serial entrepreneur Robert Testagrossa and programmer James Cropcho to develop Flipkick.io, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, per REVOLT’s Christopher Harris. The website allows artists, celebrities and creators to monetize their work in NFT format. 

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Ja Rule told Bitcoin.com’s Jamie Redman that he hasn’t been on NFTs for long and only learned about them earlier this year. His first dive into it was with NBA Top Shot and at the time, he had no idea he was dealing with NFTs. He mistook them for “new digital sports cards” and began collecting them because it seemed like the logical next step, only to find out later he was collecting NFTs. 

As far as the Flipkick market concept went, “As I got into NFTs I noticed a dope project and the whole angle was something different, which I really loved. The angle of taking physical works of art and authenticating them in a similar way NFTs are authenticated on the blockchain but with a chip,” Ja Rule said, as reported by Redman.

“It’s just a smart thing to be able to authenticate physical artworks cryptographically and let these amazing artists be able to enjoy the fruits of their work and it was never possible before in the past. So, I really applaud what Flipkick is as far as the physical NFT space.” 

Ja Rule also debuted his own cryptocurrency during the interview, which he describes as a social token developed in collaboration with a company called ICONN. It hasn’t launched just yet, but it’s “definitely ready to go.” 

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The Murder Inc. rapper sold a 48-inch-by-60-inch oil painting of the Fyre Fest’s corporate logo for $122,000 in NFTs back in March. As he continued to reach a new chapter, Ja Rule claims he wanted the portrait and its negative aura out of his New Jersey mansion following the 2017 fiasco

Ja Rule also expressed his love for bitcoin, Ethereum and decentralization, stating he believes it is the next logical step in economics and the next five to 10 years will be “interesting.”

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