Report: 30-year-old opens first Black-owned 7-Eleven in Las Vegas 

Businessowner Jonathan Lacy, 30, made history by becoming the first Black person to own a 7-Eleven in Las Vegas, according to Black Enterprise.

Lacy had always wanted to be an entrepreneur but faced issues getting enough money to start his own business, despite studying finance at Cal Poly Pomona.

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After getting rejected for business loans, he took up different jobs, ultimately saving enough money to invest in a business.

“I sacrificed it all,” Lacy wrote on Twitter. “Put all the bread in one basket. No investors. No outside money. Now I am the first black owner of a 711 franchise in the state of Nevada! Blessings!” he wrote on Twitter.

Lacy said he wants to own four 7-Eleven franchises by the time he’s 40 and more than double by the time he’s 50.

“I would tell people to expose themselves to lots of different things. Get a job to see if you like it — I think we’re all trying to figure that out,” he told the Las Vegas Sun. “Don’t stop until someone tells you no and, even then, just keep pushing and pushing. That’s what I did.”

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