Texas School District Checks Out More Than 400 Books for Content Review

In Summary

Following an inquiry from state Representative Matt Krause, a Texas school district is reviewing more than 400 books to make sure they are “age appropriate.” 

From Texas’ super restrictive anti-abortion law to their desire to “abolish” critical race theory, it may come as no surprise that an area school district has flagged over 400 library books dealing with such topics in response to an inquiry from a state lawmaker. 

NBC News reported the North East Independent School District in San Antonio launched a study of 414 books in response to a request from state Republican Rep. Matt Krause on the grounds they contained content that was inappropriate for young readers. 

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Krause, whose website describes him as a faithful conservative fighterwrote to the Texas Education Agency and superintendents of school districts across the state, saying books had been removed from libraries and classrooms “after objections from students, parents, and taxpayers.” 

He requested officials identify any books or content that address or contain discussions of human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), graphic presentations of sexual behavior that are illegal and material that might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other form of psychological distress because of their race. 

Despite the fact that many of the books deal with what is considered to be sensitive or controversial issues, including abortion, teen pregnancy, LGBTQ+ narratives and anti-racism, Aubrey Chancellor, the school district’s executive director of communications, said it’s not about politics or censorship. 

“Most of those are appropriate and will stay on our library shelves as is, however, some may contain content that needs further review to ensure the books are accessible based on age appropriateness,” she said, per NBC. 

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The inquiry follows Gov. Greg Abbott’s proposal last month for education authorities to draft statewide guidelines to completely avoid “obscene content” in books provided in Texas public schools, referencing two memoirs about LGBTQ+ characters that contain graphic images and descriptions of sex, per The Texas Tribune

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