Six-year-old Black CEO lands Walmart deal

Young lady grows her hair bow business across the USA


Lily Frilly Lily Ayedele (Photo courtesy of @lilyfrilly Instagram)
By Chester Starks 

On April 30, 2021, six-year-old Lily Ayedele posted a big announcement on her Instagram page. She now has an exclusive set of bows available at over 1,000 Walmart stores across the USA.


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According to PR Newswire, this makes her the youngest Black-owned brand on Walmart’s shelves. She launched four hair accessories (the Gold & Glitter Hair Bow, the Galaxy Girl Hair Bow, the Safari Party Hair Bow and the Candy Rush Hair Bow) at the retailer.

MSN reported that Lily’s mother, Courtney, is also a business owner. She built the Mane Choice, which is now a multi-million natural hair care business. She stated, “Lily Frilly started out as a brand my daughter Lily and myself created.… Now, Lily Frilly has become so much more than just that – it’s become a brand children love, as well as a symbol of inspiration and confidence for young girls as well as for the black community. It’s amazing to see what kids can do, and we’re so glad Walmart is providing this platform to give Lily Frilly the room and attention it warrants.”

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Her first major deal was for Target. The young CEO announced it on Facebook in October 2019 and even had a Target Launch Party and contests.