Social Media Wrestles with John Cena Posting Fan Dubbed “Black Twin” Jamal Cena

By: Kelton Brooks

John Cena rumbles into the arena like a bull in a China shop. The crowd erupts. His famed walkup song reverberates through the fans. 

With three hand waves across his face, he sings along with his song: “Your time is up, my time is now. You can’t see me, my time is now.” 

After his hilarious post of Brendan Cobbina on Instagram, fans can’t see Cena. Or can they? 

The Suicide Squad and F9 actor and WWE wrestler posted a photo of Cobbina, a bodybuilder and trainer. The photo has gone viral across social media because of how much the two look alike.

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Cena posted the photo on his verified Instagram account without a caption. Cobbina’s face said it all. 


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A post shared by John Cena (@johncena)

“I was sleeping, was woken up to everyone telling me that he posted me! I thought it was a bluff,” said a laughing Cobbina to BNC when he found out John Cena posted him. “No way he’d realize me and post me. But he did. It’s incredible. It just shows how small this world really is.”

Cobbina, who resides in the United Kingdom, said he thought it was hilarious when he saw social media was calling him “Jamal Cena.” Although, it wasn’t foreign to him. He also said several of his friends called him “Black John Cena.”

“That’s so funny. It had me in hysterical for ages,” Cobbina said. “I feel great about it.”

Twitter has been running with the joke for days and cannot contain itself.

Cobbina’s Twitter Bio reads: 24. You may know me as the ‘Black John Cena’ or the owner of OmegaMuscles. Bodybuilder. Coach. Check the link in my bio for training/diet plans.

While he is relishing in the joke, he does want people to know about him outside of his celebrity look-alike.

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