St. Louis Couple Known for Pointing Guns at Protesters Pardoned by Governor 

By: ShaCamree Gowdy

Patricia and Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who pointed weapons at protestors near their home last summer, have been pardoned by Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson. 

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The pair made national headlines when they were caught on camera in June 2020 brandishing firearms and aiming them at demonstrators who were walking toward the home of then-mayor Lyda Krewson, per CNN’s Paul LeBlanc and Keith Adams. The protest was an effort to keep the mayor from publishing the names and addresses of people in favor of police reform. 

Mark could be seen with a long, semi-automatic rifle and Patricia held a handgun, which they eventually agreed to surrender as part of a plea agreement. 

He faced a $750 fine after pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault, and Patricia faced a $2,000 fine on charges of second-degree harassment.

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Mark used his popularity from the incident to run for the United States Senate, currently fighting for the Senate seat held by Roy Blunt. His campaign website and social media prominently feature photos of him carrying a long rifle outside his St. Louis home. 

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