State Trooper Receives No Indictment for Killing Black Driver

By Briasia Russ

Former Georgia state trooper Jacob Thompson will not be receiving a charge for killing a 60-year-old Black man over a tail light. The Georgia grand jury has declined this indictment. Lewis’ family is still pushing to see footage from the incident.  

According to AP News, their attorney Francys Johnson reached out to District Attorney Daphne Totten to get another grand jury to try a second indictment. Despite the grand jury’s decision, Keith Barber Thompson’s attorney, thanked the grand jury for listening in a statement.  

“We trust this will be the end of this long ordeal that the Thompson family had to wrongfully experience because of Trooper Jake Thompson only doing his job to protect the Citizens of the State of Georgia,” Barber said.  

As reported by AP News, the former state trooper wrote in his incident report that he shot Lewis as Lewis was revving his engine and turning his steering wheel, as if he was trying to ram the trooper.  

However, Dustin Peak, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agent, testified that that was impossible. Lewis’ car at the time of the incident was inoperable due to the car battery disconnecting.  

Overall, Thompson’s family was disappointed with the jury’s decision. “Make no mistake about it, we believe that this was a very strong case,” Johnson said. “The evidence was there. It still is.” 

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