Stevie Wonder: Senators Who Don’t Support Voting Rights Are ‘Hypocrites’

In Summary

The Grammy award-winning musician is pushing for senators to end the filibuster and to pass voting rights.  

Music legend Stevie Wonder has called Congress to pass two voting rights bills, the latest high-profile figure to urge senators to fight for voting rights.   

In a message posted on his YouTube channel, Wonder said, “Any senator who cannot support the protection of voting rights in the United States of America cannot say they support the Constitution. Stop the hypocrisy, cut the bull-tish.”   

The Grammy-winning musician’s video came a day before the Senate is expected to take up voting rights legislation.   

The fight for voting rights has gotten intense in the last few weeks as people, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s family, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, have called for the Senate to end the filibuster to pass voting rights bills.   

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Democrats have a razor-thin edge in the 50-50 senate, with Harris being the tie-breaking vote. Despite the slight advantage, Democratic Sens. Krysten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV) have said they do not support ending the filibuster to pass voting rights.   

“When one party need only negotiate with itself, policy will inextricably be pushed from the middle towards the extremes,” Sinema said last week, according to CNN.   

No Republican senators have come out in support of passing the dual bills.   

“If you care and support our rights, do the hard work. You can’t please everybody, but you can protect all of us and to keep it all the way real: The filibuster is not working for democracy, why won’t you?” Wonder said. 

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