Three People Arrested After Video Shows Boy Being Abused

Young male might have been abused because of his sexual orientation


Photo Credit: CNN
By Briasia Russ

Three people from Fulton County, Georgia have been arrested and charged for abusing a young male because of his sexual orientation.  Atlanta’s Police Department’s Special Victims Unit saw a video on social media that showed the young male being abused, according to Atlanta Police Sgt. John Chafee.  

As reported by CNN, the Atlanta Police Department released an incident report that showed the young male with a haircut past his hairline and “GA” cut into his hair. A male appeared in the video to be yelling at the child while hitting him in the head. The child was also slapped on the side of his head, according to the report. 

“You still doing gay s—. You think I cut this in your head for no reason?”  

Following the abusive video on social media, the child announced he was not being abused in an additional video. There was another video released of the child being teased with the word “Gay” on the side of his head.  

From help in the community, SVU investigators were able to locate the site of the incident and those involved. “We actually got a lot of feedback from members of the community who were able to help us identify the location and some of the people involved,” Chafee said. “We’re very appreciative of the feedback that we got in this case.” 

Two of the three reported abusers are in jail with a bond of $40,000 each. One of the three was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond, according to Tracy Flanagan with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.  

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