Trial Set for Texas Police Officer Who Shot Atatiana Jefferson

In Summary

Former police officer Aaron Dean’s trial date will be on Nov. 16

The trial of the former Fort Worth police officer is set to take place on Nov. 16, two years after he shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson, according to

In October 2019, Fort Worth police responded to a call about a front door of a residence being open. While searching the house, they found a Black woman named Atatiana Jefferson. One officer fired a shot that killed the 28-year-old inside her home. 

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The officer, Aaron Dean, was charged with the murder shortly after resigning from the force and was released on a $200,000 bail, according to the Associated Press.  

“Since October 12th, this [Jefferson] family has struggled with mourning and trying to champion justice for Atatiana,” said Jefferson family attorney Lee Merritt in December 2019. “What we’re holding out for is a vagarious prosecution and an appropriate sentence.” 

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Dean’s case was among the huge number of cases across the country delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which led to courts postponing trials. 

Fort Worth police released the bodycam footage of the incident after the shooting. It showed the former police officer walking around Jefferson’s house with his gun and pushing through a gate in the backyard. It was then he fired the fatal shot through a window just after he told her to show her hands, according to 

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Ed Kraus, who was the Fort Worth police chief during that time, stated Dean acted without any reason and there was no indication that him and the other officer knocked on the door. Kraus added that he would have been fired if he didn’t quit without talking to investigators, according to 

Both Dean’s attorney, Jim Lane, and Jefferson’s family’s lawyer did not respond for comment. 

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