All Things Men—the title says it all.  This show will cover everything about African American men. It will range in topics from audience likes and dislikes to black male chefs and regular guys who cook. Mark will explore how African American men feel about their moms, why they pick the cars they buy, what things they do that you wouldn’t expect like fencing, long-distance running, and more. Plus, Mark will discuss things like the fact that he never had a black male teacher, ever. He will explore “the why.”


Mark will also talk about African Americans in history that the audience may not know. Everyone knows historical figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Booker T. Washington, but there are other historically relevant figures you may not know. Plus, Mark will introduce his audience to black men who are currently CEOs and others who have formed foundations that are doing good work. Join Mark for this journey through all topics that are important to men. There is open highway ahead.