Videos Show Pennsylvania Teen Had Hands Up When Fatally Shot by Police

In Summary

Publicly released videos show the last four seconds of Christian Hall’s life.

Christian Hall, a Chinese American teenager who was shot and killed by Pennsylvania State Police on December 30, 2020, had his hands in the air when troopers opened fire on him, leading to calls for an investigation, according to NBC News

The newly released videos from the state police show the final moments of the 19-year-old’s life. He had been diagnosed with depression and was standing on the ledge of a highway overpass near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. When troopers came to the scene, they tried to convince Hall to get down, according to NBC News. 

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They backed away when they saw he had a gun, which was a realistic pellet gun. In previous videos released by the Monroe County district attorney, Hall is shown putting his hands in the air with a gun in one hand after a trooper shot bullets that hit the bridge, according to NBC News. The final seconds before his death were blurred. 

The full version of the videos, which came from Hall’s parents and their lawyer, shows that the young adult had his hands above his head for 14 seconds before being fatally shot, according to NBC News. 

Attorney Ben Crump, who represents Hall’s parents, said that the newly released unredacted videos prove the point that Hall didn’t advance toward the officers. 

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“This cover-up of the facts speaks directly to the importance of transparency when investigating excessive force incidents and highlights the need for investigations that are fully independent of the office involved,” Crump said in a statement. “Parents whose children are in the midst of a mental health emergency should be confident that their children will be assisted by law enforcement, not gunned down when they need help the most.” 

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