Virginia legislators to move up marijuana legalization to summer

Marijuana dispensaries would still open in 2024, according to reports.

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Marijuana possession may be legal as soon as this summer as Virginia lawmakers voted Wednesday to change the state’s bill to legalize the drug.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill in February that legalizes the sale and recreational use of marijuana, but it wouldn’t have gone into effect until 2024, according to NBC News.

Wanting to address the over-policing of Black Virginia residents who were charged with possession of marijuana, Northam urged legislators to move up the timeline of legalization.

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“Today, Virginia can make history as the first state in the South to legalize the simple possession of marijuana—and restore justice to those harmed by decades of over criminalization,” Northam tweeted Wednesday. “I urge the General Assembly to adopt my amendments and make this happen.”

According to NBC News, marijuana dispensaries would still open in 2024, but possession of weed would be legal as soon as July.

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