White woman called police on two Black women and lied about being threatened, beaten

By: Alyssa Wilson

Central Park is at the center of controversy again after a white woman was caught on camera lying about two Black women to a 911 operator.  

The incident, posted on Tik Tok by model Alana Lambert, shows the interaction she and her friend Shekeria Thomas had with the white womanYahoo! News reported.  

@alanalambert3so i met a NYC Karen today & I must say they’re a tad different than the South. Part 1♬ original sound – Alana Lambert

Lambert and Thomas said the woman stole a phone charger that fell out of their bag and told the pair they had to prove it was theirs. When they approached the woman to get the charger back, she called 911 and said, “they are threatening me that they are going to beat me.” She also accused the woman of touching her when on the phone with the operator. 

In May 2020, a white woman in Central Park called police on a Black birdwatcher and accused him of threatening her. The interaction was captured on camera, and the woman, 41-year-old Amy Cooper, was charged with filing a false report. After this, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed for legislation to make it illegal to spew false claims and 911 calls based on race.  

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That same year, San Francisco legislators introduced the “CAREN Act” (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies), which makes it illegal to “fabricate false racially biased emergency reports,” CNN reported 

Lambert posted more about the incident on her YouTube page and became emotional when talking about how the charger belonged to her late father.  

She later said officers in the park got involved and said they would return the charger to Lambert, but she was displeased that the officers condoned the white woman’s behavior. “Though I’m glad that they sided with us and they knew, why were they condoning it and trying to play along with her shenanigans and at the same time telling us ‘Don’t worry. It’s okay.” she said. “But this lady is falsely accusing us of a very serious crime. A federal crime.”  

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