Women and Minorities Face Sexism and Harassment in the Air Force

In Summary

This is according to a study done by the Air Force inspector general. 

Racism and sexism have been ongoing issues in America throughout its history. Now, they have made it to some of the most notable military branches, those being the Air Force and Space Force. 

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According to a study reported by the Associated Press, about one in three female service members have said they have been harassed and a substantial number have experienced discrimination relating to pregnancy and maternity leave. 

It also found that there aren’t enough women and minorities in leadership positions and that they are less likely to get a promotion. There was a similar report conducted by the Air Force inspector general in December 2020, which found that Black service members are more likely to be racially discriminated against in contrast to their white counterparts. 

These reviews validate that there are biases in the Air Force and Space Force. 

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In addition, they reflect some of the long-term goals of President Joe Biden’s administration and the Department of Defense to get rid of racism and extremism. In June, Biden announced a national strategy to combat domestic terrorism as a national security threat. 

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“Our diversity is a strength; it allows us to incorporate different perspectives and experiences, which in turn, helps us develop better solutions to the complex challenges we are facing in the 21st century,” Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said in a video on Twitter. “We want every member of our team … to be able to work and live in an environment free from personal, social and institutional barriers.” 

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