‘You Win If You’re Not White’: COVID Equity Guidance Facing Attacks

In Summary

According to the CDC, Black, Hispanic, Indian and Asian people are more likely to get COVID-19, become hospitalized and die from the virus compared to their white counterparts.  

Conservatives are switching gears, moving their attacks from critical race theory to challenging COVID-19 treatments that consider race as a risk factor. 

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As the contagious omicron strain of COVID-19 continues to rip across the country, many hospitals are becoming flustered from hospitals packed with sick patients and staff.  

While COVID-19 has impacted specific racial and ethnic groups harder than whites, research also shows that Black, Asian and Hispanic patients are less likely than whites to receive outpatient antibody treatment, The Associated Press reported.  

In an effort to be more equitable, the Food and Drug Administration has released guidance that allows for a patient’s race or ethnicity to be considered a risk factor that makes them a stronger candidate for antibody treatment. Age is the most important risk factor when it comes to COVID-19, but the CDC suggests healthcare professionals “carefully consider potential additional risks of COVID-19 illness for patients who are members of certain racial and ethnic minority groups.”  

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New York City officials released guidance that states the race and ethnicity of a patient should be taken into account when distributing COVID-19 treatment, BNC previously reported. On the official city website, under the Oral Antiviral Eligibility section, it said, “Consider race and ethnicity when assessing individual risk. Longstanding systemic health and social inequities may contribute to an increased risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19.”   

After an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal complained about New York’s policy, calling it unfair and unjustified, Fox News host Tucker Carlson jumped on the guidelines, saying, “You win if you’re not white.”  

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Conservative law firm America First Legal filed a federal lawsuit against New York demanding they remove the guidance. The firms also warned Minnesota and Utah for similar guidelines.  

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